When Do You Need a Bail Bond?

If you are arrested, you can usually post bail and be released from jail until it is time for you to stand trial. After you’ve appeared in court, the money that you paid will be returned to you. It’s an ideal solution if you don’t want to sit in jail for weeks at a time waiting for your trial. Unfortunately, posting bail can mean paying thousands of dollars, something that the average person cannot do most of the time. This is when you would need to purchase a bail bond.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a form of insurance that you can purchase from a bail bondsman instead of posting bail. The bondsman will post bail for a reasonable fee while you or a member of your family puts up some property as collateral. As long as you appear in court as scheduled, the bail will be returned as per usual and the bondsman will keep your fee as payment for your services. If you should fail to appear in court, the bondsman may be able to possess the property that is being used as collateral and may be authorized to apprehend you and force you to appear in court for your trial.

Even though the consequences of failing to appear in court are arguably more dire if you’ve purchased a bail bond, there is no denying that hiring a bail bondsman is necessary if you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars or spend weeks in jail. The fee that you need to pay to the bondsman is considerably less than what you would have to pay to post bail yourself, and that should be all you are required to pay as long as you make your court date.

There are several places where you can purchase Union County bail bonds when you need them. It obviously won’t absolve you of any crime you may be accused of committing, but it is definitely better than paying more than what you can afford or spending several weeks in jail.