Prayer Works-Ask the Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry’s Members Many people in Today’s world don’t just believe stuff anymore without asking endless questions and maintaining a doubting attitude towards anything that cannot be proven in a laboratory experiment,such as prayer. There are many today who ask innocently:does prayer affect external situations in any way? Others have genuinely sought to understand whether prayers made to God by an individual have the power or any effect on the individual who is performing the praying act. What is not in doubt is that prayer and intercession makes up an essential part of what true Christian living entails. Christians are meant to intercede for themselves,others and about the world even when it would appear to some as though all such prayer were of no avail. Members involved in the Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry’s intercessory prayer network strongly believe that prayer does work and that it directly changes things in the believer,the people they pray for and the world.
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Bangor University’s Professor Leslie Francis has conducted 31 experiments in relation to prayers’ effectiveness.
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The professor got hundreds of persons who had recently undergone surgery,then he divided them into two equal groups and had one group get prayed for and the other not prayed for. None of the participants knew that there were people praying for them. The results were kind of interesting. The studies show that people who get prayed for are more likely to get well whether they know they are being prayed for or not. Another noted scholar called Dr Laws from the University of Manchester has said that prayer that requests God to do a thing has relevance if the person making it has a specific understanding of God. There are several groups who focus on prayer exclusively such as the ladies intercessory prayer groups, intercessory prayer healing teams, cancer prayer network, intercessory worship groups and even prayer network online among others who will be willing to pray with you and for you regardless of whether you are a member of the Evangelical Christian prayer Ministry or not. All these members are individuals who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and have chosen to devote a lot of their time to prayer and intercession for the world There have been real people like you and I who have been healed of cancer and other terrible ailments through the power of prayer. Feel free to connect with any of the groups affiliated with the Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry and you will have your prayer request confidentially raised to the Lord.