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Business Environment Factors In Malaysia Malaysia’s economy is dependent upon a mix of many all-natural sources, industrial growth and agriculture. It also has a fantastic floor for small business enterprises. Therefore, if you begin a small business in Malaysia, be sure of immediate success due to the rich resources it boasts of. The economy of Malaysia is affected by external and internal factors. Malaysia is situated along one of the world’s crucial maritime routes. Following are a few of the company environment factors in Malaysia. Political Issues Malaysia got its independence several years ago. Almost fifty eight years ago to be exact. It’s been dominated by precisely the exact same ruling coalition since then. No changes have happened. The coalition has been responsible of bringing different parties together to represent different races all over the country. Through this, each race has a representative to express their problems and find solutions. On the other hand, there is the opposition that does not agree the government . Theirs is to keep the government on toes so that they do not oppress the citizens. Research says that the opposition voice has grown louder and this might impact market confidence in the government’s stability. Thus, once the country succumbs to the political dangers, it may greatly impact the marketplace and market.
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Economic Factors
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The economy of Malaysia has been greatly affected by the falling of global oil prices. This has intensively lowered the growth of the economy. However, regardless of the oil problem, Malaysia is a fertile ground for smaller businesses. The small businesses are a major economy booster in Malaysia. Another economic problem is that growth expansion has been hampered by labor shortage, rising costs of products and highly depending on foreign workers to carry out various projects. These factors majorly affect the manufacturing and construction sectors. They do this by decreasing productivity. Hence, the market is affected in 1 way or another. Social Factors The largest ethnic group in Malaysia is Malays. The rest comprise of Chinese, Indians, smaller migrant groups and native Bumiputras. Most of the Malaysians speak Malay that’s the national language while others also speak English. The country is filled with different races and religious beliefs. The older generation is strict about traditions while on the flip side, the young generation embraces the western attitude and modernity. The best way to bond with clients is through drinks, different types of Malaysian cuisines that the country has to offer. Technological Technology has greatly improved the economic growth of Malaysia. Business people take advantage of the advancement in technology to carry out various businesses. Strong IT and technological development factors are carried out to educate the people about different technological advantages when carrying out businesses. Technology in Malaysia has greatly impacted the economy positively in Malaysia.