Figuring Out Copyright

Ways To Safeguard Your Ideas or Services

Copyrighting is the act of prohibiting duplication of a person’s musical or artistic creation that is recorded in whichever form for example audio, videos, print, etc. This is important because a lot of effort goes into generating material that we put out there either for sale or mere pleasure. Copyright laws were made to prohibit people from making other people’s work theirs.

Copying other people’s registered work without their consent is a crime. Not everything can be copyrighted though, seeking legal advice is highly recommendable.

A simple procedure for safeguarding your work is doing it individually. When struck by an idea, make sure you write it down on a piece of paper or as a soft copy. Afterwards, record the date on it before other people lay their hands on your work. Email and post are two ways to have your work dated. Once an email is sent out, it stamps a date and time at the corner of the email. This will be proof of when the material was released and that your copy is the most original if your work hasn’t appeared anywhere else except in your email. When sending the work to your physical address, enclose your material in an envelope and post it. Do not tamper with your mail once it has been delivered. The production date of your idea will be written on the envelope.
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A lawyer will make sure your ideas are known officially and are safe. An agent will help you register your work with the copyright offices. Publicly talking about your work to a lot of people will prevent people from stealing it. Court cases resulting from work theft can be avoided by copyrighting at a minimal cost.
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Items to include in a copyright notice:
Copyright – Use the word itself or symbol to alert people that it is a copyright notice. For better understanding, some people use the word copyright and the symbol together.
Name – It indicates who owns a piece of work. Use the name of the company if the invention is a property of the company.
Date- Dates show the details of when the item was released. When resolving a conflict, the dates are compared to determine the original invention.
Reserved rights – The statement ‘All Rights Reserved’ is a clear indicator that the work is restricted
Details -They outline to what extent a person has restricted their work. You can either prohibit the reproduction of your job entirely or grant partial permission if your name and link are intact.